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Open your heart, heed the call.

April 14th, 2023

Where does your calling to help others originate?

For me, the answer is inextricably connected to my parents. Their participation in Grand Rapids Neighbors for Neighbors, naturally, is an extension of what they have modeled for me as long as I can remember and I am beyond grateful for their encouragement in this endeavor.

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you or someone you know is already involved in our work. For those of you who are already involved, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Our work is dependent upon your commitment to the mission. For those of you who might not be involved, check out the volunteer tab.

I’ve included photos from our April 8th event in this post. This month we have had lots of requests for Men’s small and medium clothing, as the weather gets better and better, lighter clothing is needed as well. (Think T-shirts and shorts).

Please keep us in mind as you may be doing your spring closet clean-out. As always, our monthly list is available from the home page of our site, as well as our amazon wish list.

One particular family expressed a great appreciation of Neighbors for Neighbors. They currently live in a tent outside of town, but walk over an hour to downtown Grand Rapids every second Saturday of the month because they know we will be there to offer support with no conditions.

We are driven to not only provide essential items like clothing, hygiene products, and a meal to our neighbors, but to provide them with kind conversation as well. These connecting and meaningful conversations between our neighbors and volunteers alike on our Saturday outings often bring a smile to all of those nearby.

As I have found out while writing this blog, experience doesn’t matter quite as much if you’re willing to learn along the way. Everyone is capable of making a difference if they simply try. It can be as easy as opening your heart and saying hello to a neighbor. So again I ask, where does your calling to help others originate?

No matter your answer. I encourage you to open your hearts, and heed the call.

- A.M. Howard

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