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Powerful Stories

Every month serves as a gentle reminder to not only provide assistance to our neighbors by offering food, clothing, and essential personal care items, but to also engage in meaningful conversations and understand their unique needs and circumstances. Learning the stories of our neighbors helps us to understand their needs while often inspiring our efforts even further through compassion and empathy.

This month we helped approximately 85 neighbors find clothing, personal care items, and a meal to fill their bellies. We start at The Community Church in Ada, where we load cars and prepare the sandwiches. From there we headed down to Heartside Park, where we set up tables and goods.

A special shoutout goes to our Grand Valley student volunteers this month (Hailey, Hunter, Dylan & Brooklin) who are running a fundraiser to help N4N. The link to their fundraiser can be found here.

We are incredibly grateful for our team of volunteers and donors, we could not embark on this mission without you all. Join us at our next event May 11, 2024 by clicking on the ‘Volunteer’ tab above! Or if you would like to help with item donations, please check out the 'Donation' tab.

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