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The Power of Community

Every month, we witness the incredible power that our community holds. Our collective commitment goes far beyond the provision of essential goods to our neighbors; it encompasses the nurturing of a deep sense of belonging and a driving force for positive change in the world around us.

Last Saturday, we were blessed with a beautifully sunny day that brought forth over 64 grateful smiles. These events reinforce our firm belief in the importance of meeting individuals right where they are, serving as attentive and intentional listeners, and offering support in whatever ways we can.

At the core of our organization lies the generosity of our volunteers and donors. Every volunteer hour, backpack, article of clothing, and monetary contribution donated makes a great difference in our ability to serve. We invite you to visit our donate tab, where you can contribute online or explore our Amazon wish list. For item donations, our drop box at The Community Church in Ada (7239 Thornapple River Dr SE Ada, MI) is available for your convenience. Some highlighted items to keep in mind this month are hoodies and backpacks. These always go very quickly!

If you are interested in joining our efforts, mark your calendars for our upcoming event on June 10th, 2023. We will gather at The Community Church in Ada at 11am to make sandwiches and load up our cars, before venturing downtown at 12pm to set up tables and distribute the goods. For more information about future dates, please visit the volunteer tab on our website.

Let us continue to embrace the extraordinary power of our community, cooperatively inspiring change and making a lasting difference in the lives of the individuals and families we are privileged to serve. By nurturing this spirit of compassion, generosity, and unity, we can illuminate the path towards a brighter, more inclusive future for all. Together, we are a force for good that knows no bounds.

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